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About Struts-It

Struts-It is a set of Eclipse plugins for developing Struts-based web applicatons. SIt is based on Eclipse 3.1 and well integreted with WTP 0.7. It Supports Struts 1.1, 1.2 and JSTL.

Key Features
  • Fully Support for Struts 1.1 and 1.2, Tiles (Tiles defination editor is ongoing).
  • Multipage editor makes view and modify Struts-config.xml much easier and more quickly. The form-based editor supports full set of struts elements and attributes. So you are able to adjust any parameter of struts-config without help of the text editor(although a text editor is included). Also, the editor provides a way to create all Struts artifacts like Form-bean, Action, Exception, etc.
  • Wizards for creating
    • Struts Project
    • Struts module
    • Form-bean
    • Action
    • local and global Exception
    • local and global Forward
    • DataSourc
    • MessageResources
    • Plugins
    • Form class
    • Action class
    • other Struts-related classes like configuration classes
  • Automatically modify the web descriptor (web.xml) when related Struts configuration was changed.
  • Adds Struts capabilitiy to a Dynamic Web Project so that developers can use Struts framework in their existing web applications.

Common Public License (CPL)

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